Derwood Station No. 2 - Using Green Infrastructure to Manage Stormwater

July, 02 2019
Michelle Kokolis

Containing 222 homes, Derwood Station No. 2 is part of the larger Derwood Station HOA in Montgomery County, MD. A two-acre, grassy, common area received stormwater runoff directly from a culvert and flooded during rain events. The polluted runoff ran directly into the adjacent Crabbs Branch and created an erosion issue.

The Derwood Station No. 2 Board worked with a landscape designer to develop a multi-faceted plan to address the flooding while simultaneously creating a usable community space. The HOA then partnered with Rock Creek Conservancy to install conservation landscaping utilizing a series of five check dams and cobble pools, in conjunction with a curved design mimicking a natural streambed, to slow down the water, allowing it to soak into the ground. The larger intent of the design was to connect the project both ecologically and hydrologically to the adjacent Crabbs Branch stream valley. 


Habitat Creation: The habitat-focused design featured over 3,000 native shrubs, grasses, and flowering perennials, which created essential habitat for pollinator species.

Community Benefits: The project is adjacent to a multi-use trail featuring benches and tables for community use. The HOA is using the site as a demonstration project and providing tours for other organizations that want to take on similar projects.

Project Location: Derwood, MD

Type of Project: Conservation Landscaping

Scale: 3,000 square feet treating runoff from 3 acres, 1 acre of which is impervious.

Funding Source: Chesapeake Bay Trust, Montgomery County Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant Program ($85,000)

Contact: Georgia Baldwin, Derwood Station No. 2 Board member,