Citizen Advocate Handbook: A Guide to Successful Tree Advocacy in the Nation’s Capital

An award-winning handbook that tells the story of DC's long relationship with tree canopy.

Author: Casey Trees

Date published: 2014

Homeowner Guide to Make Your Property Bay Friendly

Sample public education and outreach document.

Author: Chesapeake Stormwater Network

Date published: 2013

Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox

This toolbox contains a wealth of resources for public agencies and other organizations seeking to educate the public about stormwater pollution.

Author: US Environmental Protection Agency

Date published: Ongoing

Soak Up the Rain Customizable Outreach Tools

Customizable outreach tools such as business cards, banners, posters, etc. 

Author: EPA

Date published: Ongoing

Using Rainwater to Grow Livable Communities: Sustainable Stormwater Best Management Practices 

Provides resources for effective communication and implementation of green infrastructure concepts, as well as…

Author: Water Environment Research Foundation 

Date published: Ongoing

Be a Chesapeake Bay Retriever: Designing Effective Outreach Programs to Reduce Pet Waste

This report focuses on an education and outreach technique to reduce pet waste. Local efforts on pet waste pick-up can be one of the best opportunities to help meet MS4 permit conditions for…

Author: Chesapeake Stormwater Network

Date published: 2017

Building the Case for Green Infrastructure: Outreach and Education

Addresses community outreach strategies and lessons learned from two successful stormwater outreach and education programs: Save the Rain (Onondaga County, NY) and Stormwater Utility…

Author: US Environmental Protection Agency

Date published: 2016

Community Outreach Toolkit: Supporting the Reduction of Nutrient Pollution in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River Basin

Provides a framework for developing effective communications materials, with chapters on developing key messages, developing press materials, preparing for outreach, pitching to the…

Author: US EPA

Date published: 2012

Connect with Nature at Anacostia River

Two-minute video about stream cleanups in the Anacostia River watershed.

Author: The Nature Conservancy

Date published: Undated

Guidelines for Maintaining Streams in Your Community

A simple guide to help residents, businesses, and municipal governments understand Pennsylvania regulations related to stream work.

Author: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Date published: 2017

Let's Be Stormwater Smart (PA)

An excellent model outreach tool, this short video introduces the problem of stormwater and shares how…

Author: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Date published: Undated

Mr. Raindrop: Help Be a Solution to Water Pollution

A humorous 30-second public service video that follows a raindrop on its journey through a neighborhood and…

Author: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Date published: 2015

National Flood Insurance Program website

FEMA's website with comprehensive information on the National Flood Insurance Program.

Author: Federal Emergency Management Association

Date published: Ongoing

One Drop: Why We Need Green Infrastructure

Two-minute animation illustrating the benefits of green infrastructure.

Author: American Rivers

Date published: 2012

Rain Gardens Technical Guide: A Landscape Tool to Improve Water Quality

This guide has been compiled as a resource for individuals, groups and organizations interested in creating a landscape feature that will: solve drainage problems, address erosion…

Author: Virginia Department of Forestry

Date published: 2014

RiverSmart Homes: Getting Smart about Runoff in Washington, DC

12-minute video that tells the success story of DC's award-winning RiverSmart Homes retrofit program.

Author: US Environmental Protection Agency

Date published: 2011

Running Meetings: Lead with Confidence, Move Your Project Forward, Manage Conflicts

This short book guides readers through the basics of leading an effective meeting including: crafting a useful agenda, inviting the right team members, making sure everyone’s voice is…

Author: Harvard Business Review

Date published: 2014

Solutions to Stormwater Pollution: Easy Things You Can Do Every Day to Protect Our Water

Sample factsheet developed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to educate residents and…

Author: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Date published: Undated

Stormwater Fees Literature Review

Prepared for the Pennsylvania Stormwater Authority, this report catalogs the most successful arguments for and against stormwater fees and presents three core recommendations for…

Author: Water Words that Work, LLC

Date published: 2014

The Inside Scoop: How to Conduct a Pet Waste Outreach Campaign

This manual provides a step by step guide for designing and implementing a pet waste outreach campaign through explaining how to work with local partners to motivate dog owners/walkers to pick up…

Author: New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Date published: 2007

The Spring Creek Stormwater Activity Book

A children's activity booklet designed to teach kids about water resources and stormwater pollution.  Includes…

Author: College, Ferguson, Harris, and Patton Townships; Penn State; and State College Borough

Date published: 2015