Title Stormwater Utility Funds Project Type Download One-Pager Year Installed
Maryland Black Mayors Advancing Stormwater Management No Other MBM Case Story One-Pager.pdf (785.48 KB) 2020
Creek Releaf No Tree Planting Frederick_County_Creek Releaf_FINAL.pdf (665.41 KB) 2018
Ellicott City– Soak It Up Campaign Yes Bioretention Howard_County_Ellicott City Soak it Up.pdf (920.75 KB) 2018
Tri-State Marine Wetland Creation Yes Wetland AA_County_Tri-State Marine_FINAL_0.pdf (850.59 KB) 2018
Bacon Ridge Stream Restoration No Stream Restoration AA CTY Bacon Ridge Stream Restoration.pdf (875.03 KB) 2019
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Restoration of Nature No Stream Restoration AA CTY St. Luke's retrofit (944.2 KB) 2017
New Street Park Ecological Restoration No Floodplain Restoration Lititz PA-NewStreetPark.pdf (755.7 KB) Before 2013
Big Spring Run Floodplain Restoration No Floodplain Restoration Lititz PA-BigSpringRun.pdf (773.68 KB) Before 2013
Butterfly Acres Swale Restoration No Bioretention Lititz PA-ButterflyAcres.pdf (580.07 KB) Before 2013
Banta Property Floodplain Restoration No Floodplain Restoration Lititz PA-Banta Property.pdf (876.64 KB) Before 2013
Druid Heights Gateway Park No Other druidheightsgateway.pdf (916.33 KB) 2019
Lime Spring Square Brubaker Run No Floodplain Restoration lime_spring_square.pdf (362.26 KB) 2017
Darley Park Gateway Park No Other darleyparkgateway.pdf (843.67 KB) 2019
Lake Cook Stormwater Retrofit Project Yes Other city_alexandria_lake_cook_stormwater_retrofit_final.pdf (925.54 KB) 2018
Tree-Safe Rain Garden Yes Bioretention mont_county_tree_safe_rain_garden_final.pdf (1.21 MB) 2017
Druid Heights Peace Park No Bioretention balt_city_peace_park_final.pdf (599.89 KB) 2016
Clean Water Community Healing Project No Bioretention balt_city_clean_water_community_healing_final.pdf (778.46 KB) 2018
Rich Morton Lincoln-Mercury Stormwater Retrofit No Bioretention aa_cty-_rich_morton_lincoln-mercury_stormwater_retrofit_final.pdf (391.54 KB) Before 2013
Miramar Landing Homeowners Association No Bioretention Baltimore City Miramar Landing Homeowners Association (1.34 MB) 2016
Westminster High School Stormwater Management Facility No Bioretention carroll_cty-westminster_high_school_sw_management.pdf (1022.94 KB) 2013
Westminster Community Pond No Bioretention carroll_cty-westminster_community_pond.pdf (490.17 KB) 2015
Waverly Farmers Market No Other balt_city-waverly_farmers_market.pdf (767.75 KB) 2015
Blue Ridge Manor - Infiltration Experiment No Bioretention carroll_cty-blue_ridge_manor.pdf (991.74 KB) 2017
CleanScapes Communities Yes Bioretention Howard CTY-CleanScape Communities.pdf (369.9 KB) 2018
Second Baptist Church Community Garden No Bioretention richmond_va-_second_baptist_church.pdf (816.7 KB) 2016
The Frederick Food Security Network No Bioretention frederick_md-_ffsn.pdf (725.33 KB) 2017
Rock Lititz Floodplain Restoration No Wetland rock_lititz_final_one-pager.pdf (868.87 KB) 2014
Logan Park Stream and Floodplain Restoration No Wetland manheim_pa-_logan_park.pdf (840.54 KB) 2015
Landis Homes Stream and Floodplain Restoration No Wetland landis_homes_final_one-pager.pdf (810.5 KB) Before 2013
Dakota Crossing Vegetative Retaining Wall No Bioretention District of Columbia-Dakota Crossing.pdf (693.4 KB) Before 2013
Raining Classrooms at the Claud E. Kitchens Outdoor School No Bioretention washington_cty-raining_classrooms.pdf (314.9 KB) 2015
Talbot County Ditch Retrofits No Bioretention Talbot CTY-Ditch-Retrofit-2017.pdf (570.64 KB)
Library Square Green Infrastructure Retrofit No Bioretention balt_city-library_square.pdf (310.58 KB) 2016
Baltimore Community Toolbank Cisterns and Planters No Bioretention balt_city-community_toolbank.pdf (764.57 KB) 2014
Baltimore Blue Neighborhoods & Alleys No Bioretention balt_city-blue_neighborhoods_alleys-2017.pdf (792.15 KB) 2013
St. Andrew’s United Methodist Day School Rain Garden No Bioretention aa_cty-st._andrews.pdf (673.42 KB) 2015
Carroll County Farm Museum No Riparian Buffer carroll_cty-carroll-county-farm-museum-2017.pdf (593.93 KB) 2017
Holy Communion Lutheran Church Tree Planting No Tree Planting harford_cty-holy_communion_lutheran_church.pdf (912.32 KB) 2014
Christ Our King Presbyterian Church Cistern No Bioretention harford_cty-christ_our_king_presbyterian_church.pdf (479.06 KB) 2015
St James Episcopal Church Rain Garden No Bioretention carroll_cty-st_james_episcopal_church.pdf (868.29 KB) Before 2013
West Towson Urban Reforestation Yes Tree Planting baltimore_cty-west_towson_tree_replenishment.pdf (571.89 KB) 2015
Kadampa Meditation Center Garden No Bioretention balt_city-kadampa.pdf (1.06 MB) 2013
Strength to Love Farm II Cisterns No Detention Tank balt_city-strength_to_love_farm_ii.pdf (604.85 KB) 2013
Beth Shalom Rain Garden Expansion Yes Bioretention howard-cty-beth_shalom.pdf (575.74 KB) , Howard CTY--READY Program_2.pdf (584.74 KB) 2015
Deering Woods Condominium Association Yes Bioretention howard-cty-deering_woods_condo_assoc.pdf (691.83 KB) , Howard CTY--READY Program_1.pdf (584.74 KB) 2015
Greenleaf HOA Rain Garden Yes Bioretention howard_cty-greenleaf_hoa_raingarden.pdf (949.41 KB) , Howard CTY--READY Program_0.pdf (584.74 KB) 2015
Howard County “Students Branching Out” Tree Planting Program No Tree Planting Howard CTY--Students Branching Out.pdf (509.75 KB) 2015
Bridgeview/Greenlawn Community Enhancement Yes Bioretention balt_city-bridgeview_greenlawn.pdf (613.72 KB) 2016
Winchester on the Severn Rain Garden Yes Bioretention aa_cty-winchester_on_the_severn.pdf (997.47 KB) Before 2013
Ellicott City Stormwater Staircase No Bioretention howard-cty-lot_e_staircase-2017.pdf (298.12 KB) , Howard CTY--READY Program.pdf (584.74 KB) 2015
First Presbyterian Church Green Infrastructure Yes Bioretention READY initiative.pdf (751.93 KB) , Howard CTY--First Presbyterian Church.pdf (470.28 KB) 2013
Savage Branch Library Restoration Yes Bioretention howard_cty-savage_library_1.pdf (706.88 KB) 2014
Batchellors Run East Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration mont_cty-batchellors_run_1.pdf (787.59 KB) 2016
Rock Creek Watershed Pet Waste Stations Yes Other mont_cty-pet_waste_stations.pdf (426.79 KB) 2014
St. Camillus Church Green Infrastructure Retrofit Yes Bioretention mont_cty-st._camillus_1.pdf (788.48 KB) 2014
Breewood Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration Mont CTY--Breewood Stream Restoration.pdf (774.23 KB) 2015
Hollywood Branch Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration mont_cty-hollywood_branch.pdf (529.27 KB) 2015
Sligo Park Hills Green Neighborhood Yes Bioretention MONT CTY--Sligo-Park-Hills-2017.pdf (765.92 KB) 2015
Prince George’s County School Ground Greening Yes Bioretention pg_cty-prince_georges_county_school_ground_greening.pdf (1.1 MB) 2016
New Redeemer Church Green Infrastructure Model Campus Yes Bioretention PG CTY--Forestville New Redeemer.pdf (770.25 KB) 2015
Brier’s Mill Run Stream Restoration No Stream Restoration pg_cty-briers-milloutfall-2017.pdf (1.41 MB) 2015
St. Luke’s Tree Planting and Invasive Plant Removal No Tree Planting aa_cty-st_lukes.pdf (1.21 MB) 2015
First United Methodist Church Parking Lot Retrofit No Bioretention pg_cty-first_united_methodist_church.pdf (1.17 MB) 2015
Annapolis Visitor Center Permeable Parking Court No Bioretention aa_cty-annapolis_visitors_center_parking_court.pdf (882.61 KB) Before 2013
Berlin West Street Retrofit Yes Bioretention worcester_cty-town_of_berlin_2017.pdf (1.18 MB) 2013
Old Bay Ridge Road Step Pool Conveyance System Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-old_bay_ridge.pdf (835.41 KB) 2015
Pines on the Severn Living Shoreline No Wetland aa_cty-pines_on_the_severn-living-shoreline_1.pdf (1.23 MB) 2015
Koons Toyota Parking Lot Retrofit No Bioretention aa_cty-koons_toyota.pdf (927.22 KB) 2013
Holly Hill Harbor Community Park Stepped Pond Yes Bioretention aa_cty-holly-hill-harbor-community-park.pdf (1.11 MB) 2015
Mill Creek Tributary Step Pool Conveyance System Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-mill_creek_haskell_drive_spcs.pdf (700.82 KB) 2015
Forest Drive Step Pool Conveyance System Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-forest-drive-step-pool.pdf (1.03 MB) 2015
Chambers Park Stormwater Education Center No Bioretention AA CTY-Chambers-Park-Edu-Center.pdf (324.09 KB) 2015
Cabin Branch Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-cabin_branch_stream_restoation_2.pdf (808.61 KB) Before 2013
Blackwall Hitch Permeable Parking Lot No Other aa_cty-blackwall_hitch_3.pdf (677.35 KB) Before 2013