Part 1. Clean Water & Economic Opportunity

Prince George’s County, Maryland, has launched one of the biggest and highest-profile stormwater P3s in the Chesapeake Bay region.  Driven by a need to restore water quality and comply with federal stormwater mandates, the Clean Water Partnership is achieving better-than-expected results in cost savings and number of projects installed.  The partnership is unique in its ambitious geographic scale and in that it integrates local economic development as a core program goal.  Adam Ortiz, former Director of the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment, describes what motivated the County to pursue a P3, explains the difference between a P3 and privatization, and shares early successes of the partnership.  He also offers three questions a community should ask when wondering, “Will a P3 work for me?”

Photo of Adam Ortiz
Adam Ortiz
Former Director, Prince George's County Department of the Environment