Banking on Green: A Look at How Green Infrastructure Can Save Municipalities Money and Provide Economic Benefits Community-Wide

Looks at the most cost-effective options for managing polluted runoff and protecting clean water, and finds…

Author: American Rivers, Water Environment Federation, American Society of Landscape Architects, and ECONorthwest

Date published: 2012

Community Based Public-Private Partnerships and Alternate Market-Based Tools for Integrated Green Stormwater Infrastructure

This guide provides guidance for local governments who wish to engage in community based public-private…

Author: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Date published: 2015

National Climate Assessment Report

Assesses the impacts of climate change on the US, including on specific sectors such as energy, water and land…

Author: US Global Change Research Program

Date published: 2014

Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox

This toolbox contains a wealth of resources for public agencies and other organizations seeking to educate the public about stormwater pollution.  It includes a…

Author: US Environmental Protection Agency

Date published: Ongoing

Stormwater Management: Reducing Water Quantity and Improving Water Quality

This resource discusses the importance of managing stormwater runoff, and the problems encountered with high…

Author: Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund

Date published: Undated

US EPA Green Infrastructure website

Comprehensive source for tools and resources related to green infrastructure design, implementation,…

Author: US EPA

Date published: Ongoing

Benefits of a Green Street website

This EPA website describes the benefits of green streets and links to relevant resources.

Author: US EPA

Date published: Ongoing

Community Outreach Toolkit: Supporting the Reduction of Nutrient Pollution in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River Basin

Provides a framework for developing effective communications materials, with chapters on developing key…

Author: US EPA

Date published: 2012

Flood Loss Avoidance Benefits of Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management

Analyzes and quantifies the potential flood loss avoidance impacts of distributed stormwater control using…

Author: Atkins, US EPA

Date published: 2015

Green Infrastructure and Health Guide

This guide helps local government, communities, and health care organizations connect green infrastructure and…

Author: Willamette Partnership and Oregon Public Health Institute

Date published: 2018

Green Infrastructure Map

This map provides examples of green infrastructure financing stories from diverse communities across the…

Author: Environmental Finance Center

Date published: 2014

National Flood Insurance Program website

FEMA's website with comprehensive information on the National Flood Insurance Program.  Includes resources for…

Author: Federal Emergency Management Association

Date published: Ongoing

NOAA Green Infrastructure Tools website

Offered by NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS), this site includes green infrastructure resources organized…

Author: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Date published: Ongoing

Soak Up the Rain: Permeable Pavement

Website with information and examples on using permeable pavement to manage stormwater.  Includes local…

Author: US EPA

Date published: Ongoing

Stormwater Best Management Practice: Bioswales

Describes bioswales as a stormwater best management practice and provides guidance on design and maintenance…

Author: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Date published: 2005

Stormwater Best Management Practice: Constructed Treatment Wetlands

Describes constructed wetlands as a best management practices for treating stormwater and improving water…

Author: US EPA

Date published: 2004

Stormwater Best Management Practice: Control Stormwater Runoff with Trees

Describes how trees can be used to manage stormwater.

Author: Center for Urban Forest Research, Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service

Date published: 2002

Stormwater Best Management Practice: Sand Filters

Describes sand filters as a stormwater best management practice and provides guidance on design, installation…

Author: US EPA

Date published: 1999

Summary of the Clean Water Act

This EPA website includes a summary description of the federal Clean Water Act as well as links to resources…

Author: US EPA

Date published: Ongoing

The Importance of Operation and Maintenance for the Long-Term Success of Green Infrastructure: A Review of Green Infrastructure O&M Practices in ARRA Clean Water State Revolving Fund Projects

Examines the O&M practices of 22 green infrastructure projects funded by the American Recovery and…

Author: US EPA

Date published: 2013