A Guide for Forestry Practices in the Chesapeake TMDL

This guide covers the value and benefits of the following forest BMPs to aid in the planning and implementation: Agricultural Riparian Forest Buffers, Agricultural Tree Planting, Urban Forest…

Author: Forestry Workgroup, Chesapeake Bay Program Office

Date published: 2018

Accounting for Trees in Stormwater Models

This report intends to help the stormwater engineering community more easily account for trees in runoff and pollutant load calculations and models so that trees will more readily be incorporated…

Author: The Center for Watershed Protection

Date published: 2018

Financing Urban Tree Canopy Programs Guidebook for Local Governments in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

This document provides practical strategies for funding and financing municipal urban tree canopy for anyone involved in promoting the development and maintenance of community forests. This…

Author: The Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Date published: 2019

Making Your Community Forest-Friendly

This worksheet was designed to help communities review and revise their development regulations, so that future projects conserve and protect valuable trees and woodlands and encourage new…

Author: The Center for Watershed Protection

Date published: 2018

The Sustainable Urban Forest A Step-by-Step Approach

This guide is designed to help municipalities assess the state of their urban forest, identify management concerns, and move toward long-term sustainability. It presents a adaptable approach for…

Author: Michael Leff Davey Institute / USDA Forest Service USFS Philadelphia Field Station

Date published: 2016

Tree Ordinance Development Guidebook

This guide is designed to aid communities in the revision of existing or development of new tree ordinances. It covers steps for forming a tree ordinance working group, getting support, evaluating…

Author: Georgia Forestry Commission Urban & Community Forestry Program

Date published: 2005

URBAN TREE CANOPY ASSESSMENT: A Community’s Path to Understanding and Managing the Urban Forest

The report is designed to help a community move forward with Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) project planning and assessment by providing an overview of the approaches, methods, and data sources used in…

Author: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

Date published: 2019

Urban Tree Canopy Expansion

The Department of Defense as part of the DoD Chesapeake Bay Program has developed a fact sheet to help Bay jurisdictions understand recommended BMPs for urban tree canopy expansion. The fact sheet…

Author: The Department of Defense as part of the DoD Chesapeake Bay Program

Date published: No date