Title Stormwater Utility Funds Project Type Download One-Pager Year Installed
New Street Park Ecological Restoration No Floodplain Restoration Lititz PA-NewStreetPark.pdf Before 2013
Big Spring Run Floodplain Restoration No Floodplain Restoration Lititz PA-BigSpringRun.pdf Before 2013
Butterfly Acres Swale Restoration No Bioretention Lititz PA-ButterflyAcres.pdf Before 2013
Banta Property Floodplain Restoration No Floodplain Restoration Lititz PA-Banta Property.pdf Before 2013
Druid Heights Gateway Park No Other druidheightsgateway.pdf 2019
Lime Spring Square Brubaker Run No Floodplain Restoration lime_spring_square.pdf 2017
Darley Park Gateway Park No Other darleyparkgateway.pdf 2019
Lake Cook Stormwater Retrofit Project Yes Other city_alexandria_lake_cook_stormwater_retrofit_final.pdf 2018
Tree-Safe Rain Garden Yes Bioretention mont_county_tree_safe_rain_garden_final.pdf 2017
Druid Heights Peace Park No Bioretention balt_city_peace_park_final.pdf 2016
Clean Water Community Healing Project No Bioretention balt_city_clean_water_community_healing_final.pdf 2018
Rich Morton Lincoln-Mercury Stormwater Retrofit No Bioretention aa_cty-_rich_morton_lincoln-mercury_stormwater_retrofit_final.pdf Before 2013
Miramar Landing Homeowners Association No Bioretention baltimore_cty_miramar_landing_hoa.pdf 2016
Westminster High School Stormwater Management Facility No Bioretention carroll_cty-westminster_high_school_sw_management.pdf 2013
Westminster Community Pond No Bioretention carroll_cty-westminster_community_pond.pdf 2015
Waverly Farmers Market No Other balt_city-waverly_farmers_market.pdf 2015
Blue Ridge Manor - Infiltration Experiment No Bioretention carroll_cty-blue_ridge_manor.pdf 2017
CleanScapes Communities Yes Bioretention Howard CTY-CleanScape Communities.pdf 2018
Second Baptist Church Community Garden No Bioretention richmond_va-_second_baptist_church.pdf 2016
The Frederick Food Security Network No Bioretention frederick_md-_ffsn.pdf 2017
Rock Lititz Floodplain Restoration No Wetland rock_lititz_final_one-pager.pdf 2014
Logan Park Stream and Floodplain Restoration No Wetland manheim_pa-_logan_park.pdf 2015
Landis Homes Stream and Floodplain Restoration No Wetland landis_homes_final_one-pager.pdf Before 2013
Dakota Crossing Vegetative Retaining Wall No Bioretention District of Columbia-Dakota Crossing.pdf Before 2013
Raining Classrooms at the Claud E. Kitchens Outdoor School No Bioretention washington_cty-raining_classrooms.pdf 2015
Talbot County Ditch Retrofits No Bioretention Talbot CTY-Ditch-Retrofit-2017.pdf
Library Square Green Infrastructure Retrofit No Bioretention balt_city-library_square.pdf 2016
Baltimore Community Toolbank Cisterns and Planters No Bioretention balt_city-community_toolbank.pdf 2014
Baltimore Blue Neighborhoods & Alleys No Bioretention balt_city-blue_neighborhoods_alleys-2017.pdf 2013
St. Andrew’s United Methodist Day School Rain Garden No Bioretention aa_cty-st._andrews.pdf 2015
Carroll County Farm Museum No Riparian Buffer carroll_cty-carroll-county-farm-museum-2017.pdf 2017
Holy Communion Lutheran Church Tree Planting No Tree Planting harford_cty-holy_communion_lutheran_church.pdf 2014
Christ Our King Presbyterian Church Cistern No Bioretention harford_cty-christ_our_king_presbyterian_church.pdf 2015
St James Episcopal Church Rain Garden No Bioretention carroll_cty-st_james_episcopal_church.pdf Before 2013
West Towson Urban Reforestation Yes Tree Planting baltimore_cty-west_towson_tree_replenishment.pdf 2015
Kadampa Meditation Center Garden No Bioretention balt_city-kadampa.pdf 2013
Strength to Love Farm II Cisterns No Detention Tank balt_city-strength_to_love_farm_ii.pdf 2013
Beth Shalom Rain Garden Expansion Yes Bioretention howard-cty-beth_shalom.pdf , Howard CTY--READY Program_2.pdf 2015
Deering Woods Condominium Association Yes Bioretention howard-cty-deering_woods_condo_assoc.pdf , Howard CTY--READY Program_1.pdf 2015
Greenleaf HOA Rain Garden Yes Bioretention howard_cty-greenleaf_hoa_raingarden.pdf , Howard CTY--READY Program_0.pdf 2015
Howard County “Students Branching Out” Tree Planting Program No Tree Planting Howard CTY--Students Branching Out.pdf 2015
Bridgeview/Greenlawn Community Enhancement Yes Bioretention balt_city-bridgeview_greenlawn.pdf 2016
Winchester on the Severn Rain Garden Yes Bioretention aa_cty-winchester_on_the_severn.pdf Before 2013
Ellicott City Stormwater Staircase No Bioretention howard-cty-lot_e_staircase-2017.pdf , Howard CTY--READY Program.pdf 2015
First Presbyterian Church Green Infrastructure Yes Bioretention READY initiative.pdf , Howard CTY--First Presbyterian Church.pdf 2013
Savage Branch Library Restoration Yes Bioretention howard_cty-savage_library_1.pdf 2014
Batchellors Run East Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration mont_cty-batchellors_run_1.pdf 2016
Rock Creek Watershed Pet Waste Stations Yes Other mont_cty-pet_waste_stations.pdf 2014
St. Camillus Church Green Infrastructure Retrofit Yes Bioretention mont_cty-st._camillus_1.pdf 2014
Breewood Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration Mont CTY--Breewood Stream Restoration.pdf 2015
Hollywood Branch Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration mont_cty-hollywood_branch.pdf 2015
Sligo Park Hills Green Neighborhood Yes Bioretention MONT CTY--Sligo-Park-Hills-2017.pdf 2015
Prince George’s County School Ground Greening Yes Bioretention pg_cty-prince_georges_county_school_ground_greening.pdf 2016
New Redeemer Church Green Infrastructure Model Campus Yes Bioretention PG CTY--Forestville New Redeemer.pdf 2015
Brier’s Mill Run Stream Restoration No Stream Restoration pg_cty-briers-milloutfall-2017.pdf 2015
St. Luke’s Tree Planting and Invasive Plant Removal No Tree Planting aa_cty-st_lukes.pdf 2015
First United Methodist Church Parking Lot Retrofit No Bioretention pg_cty-first_united_methodist_church.pdf 2015
Annapolis Visitor Center Permeable Parking Court No Bioretention aa_cty-annapolis_visitors_center_parking_court.pdf Before 2013
Berlin West Street Retrofit Yes Bioretention worcester_cty-town_of_berlin_2017.pdf 2013
Old Bay Ridge Road Step Pool Conveyance System Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-old_bay_ridge.pdf 2015
Pines on the Severn Living Shoreline No Wetland aa_cty-pines_on_the_severn-living-shoreline_1.pdf 2015
Koons Toyota Parking Lot Retrofit No Bioretention aa_cty-koons_toyota.pdf 2013
Holly Hill Harbor Community Park Stepped Pond Yes Bioretention aa_cty-holly-hill-harbor-community-park.pdf 2015
Mill Creek Tributary Step Pool Conveyance System Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-mill_creek_haskell_drive_spcs.pdf 2015
Forest Drive Step Pool Conveyance System Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-forest-drive-step-pool.pdf 2015
Chambers Park Stormwater Education Center No Bioretention AA CTY-Chambers-Park-Edu-Center.pdf 2015
Cabin Branch Stream Restoration Yes Stream Restoration aa_cty-cabin_branch_stream_restoation_2.pdf Before 2013
Blackwall Hitch Permeable Parking Lot No Other aa_cty-blackwall_hitch_3.pdf Before 2013